Saturday, 4 June 2011

Back in the garden

Looks like summer has arrived in the garden. The first picture here is of Stuart's potatoes. They are growing so fast. Can't wait for them to be ready to eat.

The bees are very busy still lots of sweet white flowers around for them

Time for the roses now.

I have found a second strange spider on the purple clematis. This one is a Cucumber green spider.

The blue tits and great tits have now fledged and these are two young great tits fending for themselves on the patio. Saw a pair of bullfinches 3 times this week but didn't have the camera handy at the time. Also had a visit to the feeder by a nuthatch.

Still lots of activity in the pond, even though the water still looks a bit green. Newts are very elusive but if you stand for a while they do pop up to the surface now and again. Still lots of legless tadpoles around ( I mean literally, they have not had too much to drink). Can't understand why they are so slow developing. Still find occasional dead ones floating around and some very small live ones.

The picture below shows a pair of damselflies mating. You can also see a tadpole and a few other little pond creatures that managed to get in the picture too.

This is a little 14 spot ladybird I found on Stuart's potatoes. It only measures 4 mm. and was difficult to photograph. I think I got it ok though

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