Monday, 21 July 2008


Marriage in Islam has two main parts. The first which is called Nikah is arranged by the parents of the bride and is the actual religious ceremony. This is followed by the Walima which is arranged by the parents of the groom.

My son's Nikah was last May and this weekend we eventually celebrated his Walima. This has no formal ceremony and is a reception where all the friends and family get together to celebrate the marriage with a meal.

This was held in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Newport near to where we live. We had a lovely day with excellent company, food and service from the hotel staff.

We had about 220 guests of many nationalities and faiths. Guests from Malaysia, my daughter in law's home, some of my husband's family from Pakistan and other people from various Asian and African countries as well as all parts of Great Britain.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Thanks to my hairdresser

I had a bad hair day on Sunday when my hair colour turned out darker than I expected. My hairdresser came to the rescue and gave me some highlights which much improved matters. In fact I like it so much I might make it permanent. Well until I want a change.

Thank you Judith ;-)