Sunday, 26 February 2012

Watched Stuart playing football today. Beautiful weather and his team won.

Here he is wearing his number 7 shirt, just like David Beckham!

Below are a selection of action shots of the game.  I think he enjoyed it.  We certainly did! 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Shame on me

I have not posted since July, I am really slipping.  I suppose not a lot of excitement going on around here so nothing to post.   Christmas came and went with all the kids and grand-kids around. Very hectic but so lovely to see them all, even if I was shattered by the time they all left. The place seems so quiet once they leave.

 In the autumn Stuart and I started to construct a wildlife stack in the garden.  This will, we hope, give shelter to any wildlife in the garden.  Maybe frogs, newts and toads will over-winter there as it is near to the pond.  More than likely be used more by insects and other creepy-crawlies and will be great if small rodents and maybe birds make it their home.  The picture above shows the first floor of our stack.
Below you can see we added a floor and put a nice waterproof cover on the keep the rain out.  It is nice and cosy inside with lots of dry leaves and twigs for the wildlife to hide in or even eat.   Who knows we might even get a hedgehog hibernating in there. 

 Saturday brought some snow, not too much but everything looked pretty and the pond was frozen.  Stuart tried to smash the ice but it was quite thick so very difficult.