Sunday, 9 November 2008


I think my brother Brian was surprised when I accepted his offer to go crabbing whilst I was in Australia.

Here he is launching the boat.

I was very sensible and wore my hat

Here are the baited nets ready to be cast in the water, which apparently was my job. Brian had already baited them so I didn't have to do that. The bait was raw meat.

It was a beautiful still and sunny day, this is a view of the marina.

The first sweep of the nets was unsuccessful and all we caught was seaweed. We moved further into the marina and cast them again. The job of catching the floats and pulling the nets in also fell to me! After about 2 hours we had caught about 12 Blue Manna crabs. Unfortunately they were all under size so we had to throw them all back.
This is one of our catch.