Saturday, 16 February 2013

Preparing for Spring

That time of the year again to put up the bird nesting boxes (well maybe I am a bit later than usual but hope not too late).  Washed out the old boxes with hot soapy water and rinsed them well.  I found that the nests from last year were full of fleas so I had sprayed them with flea spray a couple of weeks so.  No sign of any today.

I also have three new boxes.  I received one as a free gift for joining the RSPB and I bought a robin/wren box and also a bug box which is apparently good for attracting solitary bees and also for ladybirds to hibernate in.

Stuart helped me by screwing the old boxes closed again after cleaning and held the bug box in place while I tightened the screw.  We have placed it on the fence behind the pond and close to a bush.

We placed the robin box on the fence behind the cotoneaster and winter flowering Jasmine because they like to be hidden from predators which is important as they like an open front box.  It will be sheltered from wind and rain there too and also there will be plenty of insects visiting the bushes in the summer so lots of food for them.

The other 3 boxes need to go higher up in the trees so I will wait for the gardener to come and place those for me in a couple of weeks.

Signs of Spring in the garden:
Snowdrops by the pond

Buds on daffodils should hopefully be open for St David's Day