Sunday, 9 May 2010

Feeling very angry

Coed Meyrick Moel

I just went for a walk in search of bluebells. The ideal place I thought of was a Gwent Wildlife Trust site called Coed Meyrick Moel which is close to where I used to live.

About 20 years ago I was a member of the Trust and helped with several local projects including working at this site. A new housing estate had been built above the meadow and woodland and the trust built a wooden fence along the footpath below the houses and then planted a variety of small trees and shrubs below the fence. I was amazed at how much this hedgerow had grown and now forms a very dense mature barrier between the houses and the meadow which must be a haven for wildlife.

I found my bluebells and they are beautiful, not only to look at but they also smell divine. There were a few other flowers around but unfortunately it is a bit early and cold for the butterflies yet.

What really made me angry and very sad is the amount of litter and other rubbish that people have spoiled the place with. Not only paper and polythene bags but also cans, bottles and builder's rubble. It looks disgusting. Such a beautiful wildlife area littered and spoiled by a few ignorant people. While I was there I saw two people with dogs which were running free in spite of a sign asking that they be kept on a leash.

I took several photos both of the flowers and the rubbish.

Wood anemones

Herb Robert


The footpath next to the houses and the fence and hedgerow which was planted almost 20 years ago by the Gwent Wildlife Trust volunteers.

Information sign

Common Sorrell


Lady's smock or cuckoo flower

Ribwort plantain