Monday, 23 May 2011

Today in the garden

Cold wet windy day today. This morning I spotted a blue tit with 2 fledglings on my patio and also a great tit with 4 on the washing line. No chance of a photograph though. Don't know if they are the ones from my nest boxes but I haven't seen any activity in them for a day or two so presume they have flown the nest. There must also be many nests in the hedges and shrubs around the garden so could have come from one of those.

Also saw a greedy robin, with a green caterpillar hanging out of its beak, trying to fill its beak with bread crumbs. I am surprised it didn't drop the caterpillar. Hope it made it back to his nest and gave it to the young ones. (better for them than the bread)

On the garden steps today were several broken snail shells so I presume a thrush must have been using the steps as an anvil to get some juicy snails.

The primula vialli is open more now and such an attractive new addition to my garden.

The wind has damaged a lot of flowers today and many of the poppies have lost their petals

Yellow flag irises by the pond.

Ox-eye daisy in my little wild meadow area.

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parlance said...

Hi, again, Sheila
As I said in a previous comment, I came across your blog when I looked for the word 'clew' and saw your clew of worms.
I've added your blog to my Google Reader list, so I'll be checking out your garden news and your pond news - I'm a keen gardener myself, but here in Australia it's the reverse season, of course.

I probably won't comment much, but I'll be reading your blog regularly. Thanks for sharing your news.