Friday, 6 May 2016

Feels like Spring, so into the garden

At last we have some springlike weather so made a trip to the garden centre to replace lost plants.  I planted a lovely fuchsia last year which was full of flowers. Unfortunately it hasn't survived the winter. Not sure why as it was a mild one.  I think maybe the plant nurseries force the plants so they look attractive when we go to buy but then they burn out after one season.  Replaced it today with a small cistus or broom. 

The next task was my herb bed.  It is the only part of the garden that I am able to manage now. Everything else is too big for me to do.  Come to think of it, apart from the pond, it is the only thing I seem to blog about too.   I had lost 3 plants there.  My lovely French lavender which flowered 3 times last summer  (maybe that burned itself out), the hyssop (which was new last year) and the cat mint.  

Here is the Hyssop on the left and the French lavender right. 

I couldn't find any cat mint at the garden centre so replaced that with basil mint, which I had never heard of before. I planted that inside a pot as it apparently spreads like regular mints. 

To add a different colour I also bought  a golden feverfew which has lovely yellow leaves.

The herb bed is now weeded and tidy, guarded by Hedgy Hog.

I have replanted my green trug with some dwarf aquilegia as the house leeks I planted in there at the end of last year were not looking very healthy.  I have re-potted them in small pots to see if they revive. 

Here is my lovely cherry tree which never fails to amaze me.  It has never grown any bigger since we moved here over 20 years ago but it produces such lovely blossom year after year.  it stands in the middle of my wild flower meadow.  You can't see very well on this photos but it has lots of primroses in it at this time of year.