Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pond and garden news

The good news today is that the pond is looking much clearer, maybe the rain has helped. I can see much more wildlife in there now. The picture below shows one of the newts, not very clear but recognisable. If you click on the picture it will enlarge. Also at last there are some tadpoles with back legs and one was actually starting to look quite frog-like and no longer round. Spotted a few very small snails grazing around the edges of the pond liner so the snails I introduced have also been productive. The newest things I have spotted though are several small newt tadpoles. They look like tiny fish with feathery protrusions on their heads. Still have damsel flies around and there was a dead one floating on the pond and being eaten by several pond skaters.


Still seeing many young blue tits and great tits and saw a spotted woodpecker in the tree near the bird feeder but it didn't come down to feed.

Flowers now in bloom include Astilbe



and Freesia

Whilst searching under rocks for sheltering amphibians I disturbed a rather large ant's nest. So many eggs and they all scurried around trying to move them all.

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