Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day at the beach

Saturday 28th July we spent a day at Barry Island.  It was sunny but there was a very cold wind which was blowing sand around.  After eating lunch in the chippy we found a sheltered spot near the cliffs where it was very warm out of the wind.  This is Stuart wearing his new hat.

A walk to the sea but it was very cold so he decided to do some digging instead

In the mean time the seagulls were circling over head looking for food.  Note the lovely blue sky!

Don't know what it is he made but it does have a moat which was soon washed away by the incoming tide.

This creation is Stuart's version of the Easter Island Statues, The Barry Island Statues!

An unexpected dip in the sea when he slipped on a rock. 

Maybe lying in the sun will soon dry him out. 

Now for a game of cricket, only 2 players though and the beach was a bit too crowded. 

Next an attempt at kite flying but it was a bit too windy

A view of Whitmore Bay

Friday, 13 July 2012

Swan update

Visited the lake today to see the swans.  They grow so fast.  There were some people there feeding them bread and there was a frenzy of activity among the birds to try and grab the food.  The family of coots are still there, 2 adults and 2 cootlets, and up to maybe 30 ducks and ducklings as well as the swans and their 5 cygnets.  The cygnets are starting to look a bit scruffy now as they are losing their downy feathers.  One was very bold and came right out of the water for bread. He was very ungainly trying to walk but he did get there.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wet summer

The miserable wet summer weather continues, the wettest June since records began in 1910.  Twice as much rainfall than normal over the last 3 months and heavy rain forecast again for tomorrow.   I know the gardens needs rain but this is now beyond a joke.  The weeds are running riot and I don't feel like going out there removing them in this weather. 

The brick patio and graveled area are a disgrace but I hate the job.

The teasels below seem to like the rain, they are growing like triffids,  one is at least 7 feet tall.

Not many butterflies around in the cold wet weather. The only things that seem to like the rain are the snails and slugs which I dislike immensely.   Found this big one munching away at a lupin plant.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Thinking of Mum

Always thinking of Mum, but more today than usual as it is a year since she died.  I posted lots of pictures of her last July as a tribute.  I made a video of her photos with music but have been unable to upload it here, maybe because of my poor internet connection.  So today I will post one of the last pictures of her taken in the nursing home only days before her death.  Love you Mum.

Have been able to upload video to  you tube