Saturday, 16 March 2013

Poppy the Squirrel

I think Poppy was a bit mixed up today.  Having fun chasing round the garden she decided to go climbing  a tree.  She must have been more than 20 feet up.  Maybe she has been watching the squirrels and thought she would join them.  (or could she have been after the birds).  She didn't have any trouble climbing down, think she might have done it before.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Mother's Day 10th March 2013

This was the first Mother's day I had spent with all my children together since they left home one after the other to go away to university what seems like many years ago now.   Also the first time we all got together for maybe more than a year as daughter Sophie went on holiday over Christmas so she was missing from our get together at that time. 
We see the boys together quite often as they all live near each other in Birmingham.  Last Friday Sophie was also in Birmingham for work so stayed there for the weekend.  

We drove up for the day and all went out for lunch to Al Faisals in Birmingham.  
Not too sure about the sign they had up for Mother's Day.  Thoughts turned to Oedipus. 

We started with the papadoms while the waiters took our order. Rather a large one as there were 13 of us with the children

Jakob was soon tucking into his tandoori fish and chips while the rest of us had to wait longer

We didn't have to wait too long until all our lovely food arrived, and very tasty it was too. 

Jasmine came round and interviewed us all asking what we had for our lunch.  

Here she is entertaining her cousin Safeya.

 Me with son Imran and my two granddaughters

Jakob with his friend Polo who is his constant companion

Grandson Zachariah concentrating on his chips and a big jug of mango lassi.

 Signs hanging on the restaurant ceiling by somebody with a sense of humour I think

Safeya wrapped up ready to go out again in the cold. Doesn't she look cute?