Friday, 30 May 2014

New herb garden.

In the small area of garden at the side of the house there was a ground cover conifer which was camouflaging a manhole cover. As it was becoming rather large and untidy looking I had it removed and was left with the problem of how to hide the manhole.  Around the manhole there were also several rocks so I think originally it had been a small rock garden.  I decided to keep the rocks and make it into a herb garden. 

After spreading the contents of my compost bin around the area I started the planting with four different varieties of thyme this was in mid April. The bees love thyme and they are good ground cover plants. 

When I visited the RHS flowers show I bought a few more herbs.  Mint, cat mint, sage and borage.

Here is Poppy sampling the cat mint, I think she likes it. 

When I went to the spring Fayre at Llanyravon Manor I bought some wooden signs for my herb garden. There were five in the set. They were made by some disabled people and they were kind enough to make me five more different ones. 

I planted the mint in a pot so it won't spread everywhere.  



  Everything planted

 Next I planted some trailing plants in planters to put on the manhole in the hope that they will eventually trail over it to hide it. 

 This lavender I had growing in a pot for a couple of years on my patio so it now has a place in the herb garden

 These photos taken today, 30th May, to show how everything is growing. 

 Poppy has to get in the photo. 

Borage will be flowering any day now. 

 The marjoram, oregano and chives were growing in my rock garden so I moved some here with some Rosemary too which is not doing very well just yet.

It has been mentioned to me that it looks like a graveyard! 


Donna said...

Great idea! You will be gifting herbs to all your family and friends by the end of the summer if they grow like mine do!

Anonymous said...

And all I intend to plant is basil this year. You both put me to shame!

Sheila Khan said...

That's one I don't have Lynne,thanks for reminding me!