Sunday, 4 May 2014

Good Friday

Eldest son Darius and his family came on Good Friday.  We had planned a long walk up the mountain but they arrived later than planned so we had a shorter walk and not quite up the mountain.  They were late because they were part way here when they realised the children had forgotten the Easter gifts they had made for us so they had to turn back.  I was glad they did because they brought lovely hand made chocolates.  They even made the boxes.

This is the chick box that Jakob made, it even has wings

A selection of 2 chocs in his box

With full descriptions of what is in them. 

Jasmine's box is an Easter bunny with a lovely border

and the chocolates were all a surprise.  All were very nice, so glad they went back for them. 

I had made a picnic lunch for our walk so we set off as soon as they had arrived and I had sampled a couple of chocolates.  My friend Edwina also came with us.  Our walk was in Blaen Bran Community Woodland which is only about 3 miles from home so it didn't take us long to drive there. 

We walked up to the reservoir where we had our picnic as we were getting quite hungry by then. 

We then walked through the woods looking for a Geochache with Jasmine leading the way.  We did eventually find it hidden in the roots of a tree. 

Jasmine with the compass
As usual Jakob has inappropriate footwear for walking, at one stage he got stuck in the mud and had to wash his feet and crocs in the stream.

Not sure he is reading the map 

got there eventually and I found the rather soggy cache under the tree. 

 It was a great tree for climbing

But help was needed to get out again. 

Spring flowers starting to appear
Not sure what this is 

Delicate wood sorrel

We continued our walk along a path until we came to these steps, which we followed down

This path led us to the "Forest School Area"  The woodland manager is very handy with a chain saw and made the train and all the seats.

 Story tellers chair

Cherry blossom

It was a lovely afternoon. 


Donna said...

A lovely outing with the family! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sheila. I really like the storyteller's chair.