Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Easter Saturday

Another busy day with the grandchildren Stuart, Jakob and Jasmine.  Easter egg hunt had to be on Saturday as Stuart wouldn't be here on Sunday.  Sam organised it, writing the clues and hiding the goodies.  Rather a long post for this as it was a very busy day

The race round the garden didn't take long so back indoors with bags of goodies. Even Jakob had a bagful which is unusual as he generally eats them as he goes. 

Time to make more Easter nests. Stuart already made some on Thursday when the other 2 grandchildren were here but as Jakob didn't want to make any he helped Jasmine.  We needed more as Katie has a gluten free diet and can't eat the crispies so we made them with gluten free cornflakes. 

In the afternoon a trip to the park,played football and cricket and went to the playground. 

 This photo below was taken in 2006 and I wanted to take one of them in the same place but Jakob refused to sit in the helicopter.  I think they have grown quite a lot since then!

Jasmine called on the fairies but they weren't at home

After an ice cream and a walk round the lake the boys did some stone skimming in the river, I photographed wild flowers and ducks then we went home.  All very tired


Wood anemones

Red campion

Mother duck with her babies

Finally a little video of the children playing


Donna said...

Fantastic day! Such a good idea to take a picture in the same place as before, but kids will be kids! They certainly have grown!

Lynne said...

You are fortunate to have such lovely grandchildren, and they are very lucky to have you! Well done, Sheila.

Sheila Khan said...

Thanks Ladies.