Sunday, 6 April 2014

Trying something new

I look at a lot of craft blogs on the Internet and have seen some lovely embroidered pictures framed in embroidery hoops.  Saw some more in Craft in the Bay in Cardiff last week.  Decided I would try some myself.  I enjoyed doing these and think I would like to do more. All I need now is a cheap source for embroidery hoops.   I have plenty of crafty bits and pieces to use to make them.  I still need to back them.  I have looked on the Internet and so many different suggestions as to how to do this. So will have to think about it.

Butterfly and Bee. 

Quite like my little bee, I think it might feature in a lot of pictures.


Donna said...

So cute! You will be needing to have a craft show and sale one day with all the things you creating!

Lynne Muia said...

I doubt that my vision could handle such fine work. Lovely!