Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Busy Easter with family.

Easter is always busy with children and grandchildren visiting.  This year they didn't all visit together, which would be nice but we don't have enough beds!

As Sophia was going away to Istanbul for Easter she visited the weekend before.  We had a day out shopping in Cardiff on the Saturday.  All I bought was and summer waterproof jacket and some kitchen storage jars but we did have a good look round.  Also took some photos, a bit like a tourist!

Saw this in St David's shopping centre, not seen an ambulance like this before.

St Mary Street looking towards Cardiff Castle

There are lots of lovely shopping arcades in Cardiff which have little independent shops and cafes in them.

This is the open top tourist but standing outside the castle entrance

 Cardiff Castle clock tower which is well worth a visit if you are ever in Cardiff. 

On Sunday we visited Llanyravon Manor spring fayre and took along grandson Stuart.  The weather was lovely and it was very busy with lots of craft and food stalls and there was entertainment too.  Unfortunately I went without my camera which is practically unheard of :-(.   Sophia shared a few of her photos with me though.  
Stuart trying out a gnome seat for size. These are made at Blaen Bran Community Woodland by the woodland manager with wood from the woodland and are sold to raise money for woodland maintenance.

There were some animals there from Greenmeadow Community farm which also local to us. 

Little black lambs with their mother

and a smiling goat!

There were Morris dancers there to entertain and apparently Welsh dancers too but we didn't see them.

 We also missed the Maypole dancing. 

Don't know where Stuart found the hat but it looked good on him. I thought of Stan Laurel but Sophie said more like Odd Job from James Bond

I bought a carved fairy house for my garden and some signs for my new herb bed.  Sophie bought some earrings and a cushion and Stuart had a wood fired pizza which he took home for his lunch!

I will post the rest of Easter in installments as my posts do get rather long.  And there will be more about my herb garden soon. 


Lynne said...

Your travels are always so entertaining. Cardiff looks like somewhere to put on my bucket list for sure. I really enjoy your posts.

Donna said...

I can tell how much you enjoyed the time from your writing! It is almost like being there with you.