Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wild flowers of the Giant's Causeway

It is amazing how many different wild flowers grow among the rocks of the causeway.  There seems to be very little soil so they must be very hardy plants, especially with the harsh weather conditions of the northern Ireland coast.  Wherever there are flowers I am there with my camera.

Sea Campion

English Stonecrop. 

Don't know what this i yet but I will search. 

Kidney vetch

 A mixture of vetch, thrift and daisies

Spring Squill

A mixture of colours among the lichen covered rocks.  The pink flowers are thrift or sea pinks. 

Kidney vetch, daisies, spring squill, ribwort plantain and on the right the yellow bird's foot trefoil. 

Flower covered rocks looking out to sea. 


Lynne Muia said...

I so look forward to your postings. Just beautiful! Thank you.

Lynne Muia said...
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