Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dunluce Castle

After our visit to The Giant's Causeway and a well deserved rest, Imran, Zach and I went to visit Dunluce Castle which was only a short drive from our cottage.  It is built right on the cliff edge with a great view of the ocean.

 It started to rain as we were coming out of the castle so we changed out minds about exploring outside.
On the way home we decided on a fish and chips supper so called into Bushmills to see what we could find.  Three chips shops in such a small village. These two were opposite each other and we decided on "Flash in the Pan". Had to wait a while as they cooked them fresh as you ordered.

The rain started again just after we got back home. 


Anonymous said...

So, will it be fish and chips or chips and fish tonight? Gorgeous scenery, but was there a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow?

Anonymous said...
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SheilaMatilda said...

Didn't find it Lynne, maybe the laprechaun beat us to it