Monday, 17 June 2013

Last week in the garden.

I took a stroll round the garden with my camera last week but never got round to posting the pictures.  I will continue with holiday posts later and post garden pictures now.

 This is a small lawn at the front of my house by the garage which I have left to grow wild for maybe 6 or 7 years now.  It is developing into a lovely meadow. In early spring it has lots of primroses and some cowslips and now, as you can see, it is full of ox-eye daisies, buttercups and red clover.  There are many other flowers though which you can't see in the photo.

In the back garden by the pond these two clematis grow up the fence.  The pale pink one has finished flowering since I took this picture but the purple one is in full bloom.

Close up of the pink one taken last month

Close up of the purple one. 

Damselflies by the pond

 Large red damselflies Pyrrhosoma nymphula, female above and male below

This lovely clematis is creeping over the fence from my neighbour's garden. It gets more afternoon sun on my side.  

Below is a closeup of the clematis

This is rose garlic which in very invasive, as are lots of the flowers in my garden, fortunately this dies down completely after flowering.  The bees and butterflies love it. 

 Closeup of rose garlic. 

Below is one of my patches of London Pride. Always reminds me of my grandma as she had some in her garden.  Another one for the insects

Oriental poppy, it always rains when  this flowers so it never last very long as the flowers are quite fragile.

This is the dreaded lily beetle making a meal (its last) of the seed pod of the Snake Head Fritillary .

 And finally my garden helper Poppy, who chases round the garden like mad whenever I am out there.  She is eating the ornamental grass here.

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