Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wild flowers in the garden.

Just a few of the many wild flowers in my garden. 

I have quite a big patch of Bugle by the steps going down the garden.  Noticed today that there are 2 lady's smock (cuckoo flower) growing in it. The one in the centre which is very pale pink but looks white here.  Had some a few years ago but they disappeared so a seed must have survived or been brought in by a bird or the wind.  Love to see these as they are the food for the larvae of the orange tip and green-veined white butterflies.  I like to grow wild flowers especially for the wildlife.  All these spring flowers provide nectar for the bees and other insects to feed on. You can also see primroses and dandelions in this patch.  Must admit though that the dandelions are a bit of a nuisance however colourful they look in the lawn.

I have several patches of stinging nettles like this one. They provide food for many caterpillars, including the Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell as well as many species of moths.

Ransoms or wild garlic. Spreads like crazy and seeded all in the lawn but the mower shifts it and it soon disappears when it finishes flowering, until the following spring that is.  Very pungent garlic smell when crushed

One of my favourites, the English bluebell.  Such a lovely  shade of blue and a lovely scent.  Looks better in a shady woodland, where it carpets the ground, but hopefully mine will spread eventually. 

Wild strawberries and forget-me-nots.   These also attract the insects and the birds eat the ripened fruit if i don't eat it first.  They are a bit sour though. 

 Lily of the valley.  These have spread a lot over the past few years but look so pretty

Cowslips are one of my favourites too. I bought this plant a few years ago and thought it would seed itself and spread but not done much yet.  

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Betty Watson said...

lovely Sheila, much nicer than a formal garden I always think, but that's me all over, not a bit formal or anything like it sounds more like me a bit here and bit there, haha lots of love xxxxxxxxxx