Friday, 3 May 2013

Safeya's Hungry Caterpillar birthday party

Doesn't time fly? Can't believe my youngest granddaughter Safeya is one year old already.  We went to Birmingham last Saturday for a family party.  It was held in the conservatory at  King's Heath Park Victorian Tea Room.
We had lots of lovely sandwiches and cake. Also fresh warm scones with jam and cream.  A lovely 3 tier cake stand full gluten free goodies was also provided for one of our group who is gluten intolerant.

The wife of one of my son 's work colleagues made a wonderful hungry caterpillar cake 

And a plate of sandwiches in the shape of a caterpillar was supplied for the children. 

Safeya was a bit bewildered by it all but Jasmine soon came to the rescue

Party hats on

It is always nice to get together and chat but the boys preferred to be outside playing football. 

Time to blow out the candle.  Jasmine and Zachariah were more than happy to help.

Safeya and Zachariah with mum and dad and cousin Jasmine

All my lovely grandchildren, Jakob, Stuart, Safeya, Jasmine and Zachariah  

We decided to walk around the park after the party was finished but it was so cold that we soon decided it was time to leave. 

 Jasmine is a budding gymnast and thought she would try the beam, of course Zachariah had to try too.

The children's playground was very tempting too and not just for the youngsters. 

Back to eldest son Darius' place to warm up.

A guitar lesson for Zachariah from Uncle  Sam

A lesson in Lego building for Safeya from big brother

Hello dolly

A fun game of Gub, whatever that is!

A final burst of energy out in the garden

I think we all enjoyed the day. 

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Donna said...

That was a very full day for everyone. It is good to see them all together for the afternoon. You are lucky to have those wonderful grandchildren!