Sunday, 19 May 2013

More garden pictures

Spring flowers are dying down now and the garden is looking very green and the foliage of the summer flowers is taking over.  Several shrubs are now flowering. 

This first one a clematis which I have now had for about 3 years and it is spreading well.  I think it clematis Montana Elizabeth.

This is a close up. 

This next picture is a shrub called Exochorda, the Bride. We visited Westonbirt Arboretum once in the spring and there was an enormous one of these which was so beautiful.  We visited their garden centre and bought one. It is nowhere as big as the one they have but it is growing well. 

 and a close up

There has been a Rhododedron at the bottom of the garden since we moved into the house 18 years ago and it has never really flowered very well.  This year it has excelled and looks really lovely.

and a close up

This next one is Berberis Thunbergii, and I had to look that one up and I never remember its name.

the close up looks much better

There is another berberis which after doing a search on the internet, I think might be Berberis Vulgaris Munich. (don't quote me on that.)  The flowers are similar to the other one but the leave are green. 

The final one is a small cherry tree which has also been here for many years and never seems to grow although it does flower every year.  The cherries are very small and the birds eat them all.

I just love the shape of this little tree and the blossom looks so delicate.

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