Sunday, 13 January 2013

Road Closed

After  lot of campaigning by some residents to slow down traffic down the lane where I live they are now going to install some "sleeping policemen".  At the moment there is a 30 miles speed limit which is going to be reduced to 20 and there are already 3 narrowed sections of the road which have give way signs and single file traffic.  I suppose we should be happy about this as we often have to brake hard when driving out of our cul-de-sac onto the lane as cars come round the blind bend rather fast.  Also our previous cat was hit by a car and killed on the lane.  The problem is the only other way to get out if the entrance to the lane is closed means a detour of about 3 miles along badly maintained country lanes.  This time of year that could be made much worse if it happens to snow!  We might be isolated for 3 weeks!  Please send food parcels!

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