Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas Raffle

Going back to December now.  Just before Christmas I called in the Charity shop where I volunteer one morning a week.  Hadn't been working for while since having an operation on my foot in November so I called in to say Happy Christmas.   I just called in in time to buy tickets for the staff raffle.  Then I went off to do my shopping.

Half way round Asda my phone rang asking me to call back in the shop.  When I got there I was surprised to learn I had won both prizes in the raffle. First was a Christmas cake and second a hand knitted blanket.  Both had been made by volunteers.  Apparently the first ticket drawn was for the cake which I won and there were 3 different tickets drawn for the blanket and none of them wanted it.  So 4th ticket drawn was mine.  I wasn't saying no to the lovely blanket but I did decline the cake as nobody in the family likes it.

I was going to give the blanket to my baby granddaughter but as she is still in a cot and doesn't need it yet I decided to hold onto it.  It is single bed size but just covers to top of my daughter's double bed so it can stay there for now.

 Close up of pattern below. Must have taken hours of work. 

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful blanket. It would take ages to make. You were very lucky to get it.