Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Walk

Sunny afternoon so time to get back into the exercise.  Not too much though just a slow walk of less than 2 miles to take some photos.   First stop the lake to see the swans.  Quite a while since my last update. The 3 cygnets are almost as big as their parents now.

Both parents and one of the cygnets were pulling at twigs, maybe in preparation for nest building.  Couldn't see any nest site yet but they were picking up twigs and moving them.

This is mum 

I think dad was trying to pull up a tree root

Not to be outdone one of the cygnets was also collecting twigs.  Maybe not big enough for mating yet so perhaps he will help mum and dad build theirs.

Walked up to the churchyard as I know there are usually snowdrops there.  I wasn't disappointed.

Also daffodils are getting tall and shouldn't be long before they are in flower

There are some very big old trees in the churchyard and some have bird and bat boxes fixed to them.

Below is a picture of the church, St Michael and All Angels Church in Llantarnam.

At the back of the church I saw a daffodil in someone's garden which is almost open which is very early!

I continued my walk homewards past Llantarnam Abbey which is home to the Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy and in the 19th Century was home to Reginald James Blewitt MP.

A sad site met me on the last leg of my journey, a squirrel that must have been hit by a car.  It was in the same place that my daughter stopped several years ago after seeing one lying injured in the road. She got out of the car to help it and it bit her hard on the finger and wouldn't let go.  She came home dripping blood shortly after leaving to go out.  Sadly this one was beyond help

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