Sunday, 22 May 2011

A day in Middle Earth

On Saturday we went to Middle Earth Weekend with our grandchildren. This is held annually in Birmingham at Sarehole Mill near to where J RR Tolkein lived as a child. It is the place that gave him the inspiration for middle Earth in his Lord of the Ring books.

There were lots of interesting things for the children to see and do and some quite viscous natives.

Jasmine enjoyed her candy floss

And Zachariah ate most of his ice cream

Daddy managed to finish what he couldn't eat

Jakob and Stuart wanted to try on all the knight's equipment

Jakob tried on the heavy chain mail which weighed 3 stone and had 20,000 metal links

We saw wizards and strange tree people

And is this a tiger?

Finally a try at archery, which is harder than it looks

Looks like we brought a fairy home from middle earth!

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