Thursday, 21 April 2011

Garden news

Image for today is an English bluebell. Smaller than the introduced Spanish variety and more strongly scented. I have a few, amongst the many other wild flowers, growing in the garden. Will try and get out during the next few days to take some picture of those growing in the wild, as a carpet of them is more spectacular.

Still having a problem with the lily beetles, saw three today on my fritillaries. Fortunately they didn't seem to have laid any eggs.

The tadpoles were feeding voraciously in the pond this evening, there seems to be a lot of what I think and mosquito larvae in there. I needn't have worried about there not been food available for them. There was also a newt swimming lazily around on the surface of the pond. It is difficult to catch them during the day but I stood and watched it for a while this evening. I think it is a common newt otherwise known as smooth newt. Will try and photograph one if I can over the weekend.

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Edwina said...

Funny you should mention bluebell carpets. Took a photo of my own slightly threadbare bluebell carpet this afternoon. Will upload it to Facebook for you to see.