Saturday, 30 April 2011

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday my daughter, son and I had a day out to the sea. We went to Dunravon Bay, Southerndown which is near Bridgend in South Wales. It started off quite a dull day but brightened up later. We started by walking to the top of the cliffs, stopping on the way for a picnic lunch.

Lovely views from the cliffs of the bay, and the remains of Dunraven Castle.

I didn't know at the time but these are harlequin ladybirds which are a threat to our native ladybirds. They are apparently the most invasive of the species in the world. If you spot any, do as I did and fill in the ladybird survey.

Lots of flowers in the woodland. This is Lords and Ladies or cuckoo pint

Entrance to Victorian Garden

Flag Iris in the Victorian Garden

Apple blossom



Victorian Garden

The tide was in when we arrived and the water looked very cold and uninviting. We sat on the rocks watching 2 people surfing, very brave of them.
More people went into the sea as the tide went out and Sophie and Sam did briefly but it was very cold

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