Friday, 4 July 2014

Quilting update.

I previously posted about the sewing group I have joined who are making a quilt for Llanyravon Manor.  We are making good progress with the sewing and are now joining the many pieces together.  These are photos of the group taken in May when we had just started the process of bringing it all together

Couldn't fit everybody in one picture

This day we were trying to decide which way to join all the pieces. There are so many options.  I preferred the one above but I was in the minority so the one at the bottom is what we are doing. 

This photo taken on Tuesday shows the progress.  It is coming along really well. 

One of the women brought a quilt in to show us that she has been making for many years, she said about 20! Yes they are often long term projects but well worth it in the end.  Gail, standing on the right is the one who is making it.  So lovely. 

I am thinking of starting one of my own, using the pattern Gail is doing rather than the diamonds in the one we are doing.  Maybe a small one! Bought several fabrics this week so deciding which ones to use.  Maybe the top left as I bought two packs of that one. 


Donna said...

The quilt is going to be wonderful! I hope your own does not take you 20 years to make now!

Anonymous said...

You could never put a true value on something so beautiful. Someday, I hope to purchase one that's made for charity, but doubt that I would ever manage to make one myself. (First I would have to buy a sewing machine! And second, I would need to buy a bigger house with a room dedicated to quilting. I believe the work in progress can be quite space consuming.) I really admire and support your ambition, Sheila.

Sheila Khan said...

Thanks Lynne. You don't need a machine for this though it is all hand stitched! ;-)