Thursday, 29 August 2013

Swan update

Following up on my previous post about the missing swans.  A local blogger called Ben posted a story about the swans last week which you can read here: Cwmbran Life.   Today I went to see the swans in their new home at Cwmbran Boating Lake, and they seem to be very happy there with more people around to feed them bread.  Not sure it is very good for them but according  to Ben's blog someone mentioned they thought they didn't have enough food in the smaller lake.

One very bold cygnet posing for a photo. 

Mum preening while the cygnets relax by the lake
A juvenile seagull waiting for a chance to pounce on the bread being thrown for the cygnets
Dad looking for food in the water surrounded by ducks

Mum doesn't look any the worse after her injury and has been tagged with a lovely pink band

 Mum became a bit aggressive and was hissing at us. 
The cygnets are almost as large as their parents now

Think I managed to get all 8 cygnets on this photo. 

One last picture of dad foraging in the lake., 
Just hope they stay safe now and people keep their dogs on leads to prevent any further injuries


Donna said...

Will the entire family stay together or do the young leave when they are grown? Ducks often travel in flocks, just wondering if swans do as well or if they will leave and pair up some other place.

SheilaMatilda said...

The last year the cygnets disappeared so I assume they went elsewhere. This is a very informative article.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely ending to the mystery. They are so big already!

Mitzi said...

Your swans and their cygnets are absolutely beautiful.