Thursday, 8 August 2013

Miss Marple Investigates

Well not exactly Miss Marple but Mrs Sheila.  Two things have been on my mind just lately.  The first being that a few weeks ago I saw 2 men wearing wet suits in the small lake near where I live.  Then as I have driven past the lake since then I have seen a row of strange looking whitish objects in the water.  Today I decided to stop and see if I could find out what they are.   When I came close I saw that they are 2 litre plastic drinking bottle floating upside down and obviously attached to something so they won't float away. There was a row on them on each side of the lake.

 The mystery was soon solved.  It will look lovely with waterlilies growing in 

 The other thing that I have been puzzling about is the whereabouts of the swans and their 8 cygnets. The picture below was taken last month on the lake.

A few days ago I was driving down toward the lake on my way home from town when I noticed  what appeared to be a holdup of the traffic coming from the opposite direction.  When I came closer it was caused by the family of swans walking up the road in the middle of the left hand lane.  They looked so funny and ungainly walking, nothing like as graceful as they look in the water.  I couldn't stop to take any photos as the traffic coming the opposite was was waiting for the cars to pass by so they could overtake the procession.  I had been a bit concerned about them since then so today my second reason for visiting the lake was to see if they were back there.  They were nowhere to be seen.  All that was there was an assortment of funny looking ducks, which I believe are mallard hybrids.

When I saw the swans on their travels they were walking in the direction of the bigger boating lake which is about a mile away.  I drove there to see if they had arrived there but still no sign of them.  I can't imagine where they have gone to.  I don't think the cygnets were yet able to fly.  They will be missed as they had become quite a popular attraction and people were always stopping their cars to watch them or let their children feed them.  I liked to stop and see how they were progressing and of course to take photos of them.  Maybe the parents have taken them somewhere else as the lake was not big enough for all of them and they might come back again themselves. 

While I was at the lake I took a few more photos. 

Gatekeeper butterfly

Painted Lady

 Speckled Wood

Bee on brambles

Soon be blackberry time!

Back home and the lovely scent of my lilies hit me as soon as I opened the car door.  They have been in these pots for about 4 or 5 years now I think. I am surprised they do so well each year.  Suppose I ought to think about re-potting them. 


Donna said...

The lake will be very pretty with the water lilies in it. I imagine they will attract other wildlife as well. I am sure the swans will reappear one day. Perhaps they went somewhere quieter for a while.

Lynne Muia said...

Keep us posted. I love a mystery.

Lynne Muia said...
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