Friday, 13 July 2012

Swan update

Visited the lake today to see the swans.  They grow so fast.  There were some people there feeding them bread and there was a frenzy of activity among the birds to try and grab the food.  The family of coots are still there, 2 adults and 2 cootlets, and up to maybe 30 ducks and ducklings as well as the swans and their 5 cygnets.  The cygnets are starting to look a bit scruffy now as they are losing their downy feathers.  One was very bold and came right out of the water for bread. He was very ungainly trying to walk but he did get there.


Donna said...

They all grow so fast, don't they? When do the cygnets become full fledged swans? (no pun intended!)

SheilaMatilda said...

I don't know Donna. I must go see them again today, haven't been for a couple of weeks.