Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day at the beach

Saturday 28th July we spent a day at Barry Island.  It was sunny but there was a very cold wind which was blowing sand around.  After eating lunch in the chippy we found a sheltered spot near the cliffs where it was very warm out of the wind.  This is Stuart wearing his new hat.

A walk to the sea but it was very cold so he decided to do some digging instead

In the mean time the seagulls were circling over head looking for food.  Note the lovely blue sky!

Don't know what it is he made but it does have a moat which was soon washed away by the incoming tide.

This creation is Stuart's version of the Easter Island Statues, The Barry Island Statues!

An unexpected dip in the sea when he slipped on a rock. 

Maybe lying in the sun will soon dry him out. 

Now for a game of cricket, only 2 players though and the beach was a bit too crowded. 

Next an attempt at kite flying but it was a bit too windy

A view of Whitmore Bay

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Donna said...

What a fun day that looked!