Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A day at the seaside

Didn't find time to post yesterday but here is the story of how Stuart's feet were exposed.

As Saturday was a hot sunny day we decided to take Stuart to Barry Island. This is a small Welsh seaside resort. Because of his fear of "foot exposure" we went prepared with his wellington boots.

He thought this a great idea and happily went in the sea wearing them. He must have been the only child on the beach who didn't have bare feet.

He came back to me with a bucket full of water and two boots almost overflowing with water. He assured me that if we emptied them his socks would be dry.

Unfortunately he couldn't convince me and as he wanted to go back in the water and only had one pair of dry socks which he would need to go home in he agreed to take his socks off.
He later had great fun burying his feet and causing earthquakes as they erupted from the sand.

Hopefully next time we visit the seaside we will not have to take his wellies.
It was a lovely day out with beautiful weather and I came home with a sunburnt nose. ;-(

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