Sunday, 22 June 2014

Seen today at Newport Wetlands

Really enjoy walking round Newport Wetlands and today it was lovely with the temperature reaching 23C.
I took many photos but not many good ones.  Here are the best.

Tall Melilot

Six spot Burnet moth on bird's-foot trefoil

Caterpillar of peacock butterfly on stinging nettles

Red Dead Nettle

View of the Severn Estuary

Large Skipper Butterfly, looks like a moth to me but apparently not!

                                                                 Cinnabar moth on Ragwort 



Burnet moths mating. To the left of them is an empty cocoon. and below is another cocoon, a bit out of focus though.
The larvae construct paper-like cocoons high up on slender grass stems to make it tricky for birds to attack. When the moths emerge the empty black pupa cases are left sticking out of the cocoons.

 This is a ringlet butterfly. They are generally brown but there are variations. This one is very dark without the usual spots.  Below is the underwing view which does have the typical spots. 

The following pictures are all of Marsh Helleborine which belong to the orchid family.  Couldn't decide which I liked best so posted them all. 

Caterpillar of the Oak Eggar moth


Anonymous said...

Impressive photos and information, as always. You could easily publish.

Donna said...

Wonderful to see all the things in your area Sheila! You capture so much that I am sure are overlooked by most who pass by.