Sunday, 30 March 2014

Early Mother's Day.

Visited the boys and their families last weekend as I had been invited to watch granddaughter Jasmine in her first dance show.  Prior to that she had a Stagecoach show which I also watched.  This included dancing and singing and also acting using puppets they had previously made.  Here is Jasmine posing for photo after the show. She is the one in yellow.

After this show we took her to the theatre to prepare for the dance show.  Jasmine was dancing with a group of children aged about 4 - 7.  They tap danced to the tune Wiggly Woo which is a song I remember from the 1950s.  They all did very well but we were not allowed to take any photos. 

I took the doll cushions I made for the girls and they both loved them.  Jasmine even took hers out when we went for lunch on Sunday.  We went to a gastro-pub called The Farm in Solihull for Sunday lunch which was my Mother's Day treat a week early.

I took photos of everybody's lunch but won't bore you with them all. Everybody had something different and there was quite an extensive menu. I had my favourite roast beef which was very nice even though the giant Yorkshire pudding was a bit overdone. I will show you mine

Granddaughter Safeya with Bear standing on daddy

 Grandson Zach with uncle Sam

Jasmine and Jakob waiting for their lunch

Jasmine with her new friend. 


Donna said...

That was a very busy weekend for the family! IT looks like everyone had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Time to put your feet up after all that excitement. Great photos!