Friday, 5 October 2012

Poppy's first adventure

Poppy had her first outing today to the vet.  I had kept her carrier out and open since I first brought her home in the hope she would pop in and out and not be worried about going in it.  I haven't seen her go into it once.  She was not impressed when I put her in there this morning.

She mewed a little on the way in the car but nowhere near the howling I used to get from the previous two cats.   There were two dogs in the waiting room and she looked at them warily but didn't seem at all distressed.  Then a man came in with a husky pup which came straight up to her carrier and she actually growled at it. 

First she had to be weighed and tipped the scales at 2.3 Kg.  Not sure if this is good or not but when the vet had looked at her eyes and mouth  and listened to her chest she was declared to be a very healthy kitten.  I do not know when she was born but from her apparent age they gave her a birth date of 27th April so now we know when to have her birthday party. 

Next came the nasty part, vaccination and micro chipping.  She was so brave I think they should have given her a sticker like they do with children at the dentist!

She was hoping she would be allowed outdoors once she was vaccinated but the vet said to wait until a week after her next jab in 3 weeks time. 

On the way home the mewing became louder and I think she was quite distressed by the time we reached home.  She immediately went behind the chair in the lounge and curled up to sleep. She is still there 3 hours later.  I was told she might be a but grumpy for the rest of the day, after all it was a big ordeal for her.

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Donna said...

Poor baby. It is a necessary evil, those trips to the vet. I leave one of the travel cages out every so often here as well. They will go and sleep in it, but somehow they still know when it out for a different reason and I have to go hunting all over the place to find them and then convince them to go into it. Poppy will feel better later today I am sure!