Friday, 22 July 2011

Wet weekend with the grandchildren.

Last weekend all my children and grandchildren visited. On Saturday we had planned to go to Barry Island but sadly it was a miserable wet weekend.  Never mind we decided to go to Techniquest instead and I think they all enjoyed it.

Jakob testing his strength pumping water.

Zachariah testing his strength in a battle with another youngster over whose turn it was. 

Stuart trying out ear extensions.

Jasmine lost her legs.

and then found she was one of triplets.  Caught myself in a self portrait here too. 

Cousins Stuart and Jasmine posing for the camera 

Sunday was also a wet day so we decided to stay home.  Only Jakob and Jasmine here now. Jasmine found the top off a box of tissues and made herself a mask.

Then auntie Sophie helped them both to make some cakes.  This is one thing I find they all enjoy doing.

Especially licking the bowl at the end

here is the finished product. The one with the pink J is Jasmines, of course!

After making the cakes we went into the garden to do some pond dipping.  We found some tadpoles and baby newts and also pond skaters. Jakob didn't like those as they looked too much like spiders so I put them back quickly.  We also spotted a frog who was out enjoying the rain. 

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Edwina said...

Great pictures, as usual. I can see you all had a lovely time. I've set up a new Google account so I can comment again now, lol