Saturday, 7 February 2009


Snowdrops in my garden braving the cold weather.

The snow we had this week reminded of a poem I wrote a couple of years ago when it snowed on 1st March. The snow came a bit earlier this year but thought I would publish my poem here as the sentiment is still the same


I woke up this morning
With hopes of spring
The kind of day
I'd hoped March would bring.

Alas hopes were shattered
The landscape's all white
Cruel winter weather
Has hit over night.

But sitting here gazing
On the magical scene
The garden's so pretty
Dressed in white and not green.

The flakes gently floating
and coating the trees
That look so majestic
Enhancing the scene.

Perhaps disappointment
At delaying of spring
Is not quite so bad
With this beauty it brings.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely poem!

Anonymous said...

nice pics and nice read,thks