Tuesday, 18 March 2008

First the bad news

About three quarters of the frogspawn in my garden pond died due to the pond freezing over shortly after spawning.

The good news is that the remaining portion has hatched and has lots of extra jelly to consume now. Maybe that will give them a better chance of surviving and becoming frogs.

Another piece of good news is that my pond is now the residence of a little newt too. I spotted it swimming around yesterday.


J said...

Good luck with your frog and newt life! What fun. Though, I am sorry about those that didn't make it, too. Pond pIctures?

Anonymous said...

The poem is beautiful, did you set that picture and then put the poem in, the reason why I am asking is that I have a poem that I made up for my granddaughter and I do not know how to set the background and put the words in. If you can help let me know. Jeanne...tbird824