Sunday, 20 March 2016

Llanyrafon Manor Quilt

My last update on the quilt was in July 2014.  If you remember we are a group of women who have been sewing a quilt to be displayed at Llayrafon Manor in Cwmbran.  The quilt was finally finished in Autumn 2015 and is now on display.

Just a few of the crafters here, there were up to 14 or 15 of us working on it at different times.  We have named our group the Crafty Ladies of the Manor.  Our next project is to make a rag rug for the bedroom floor.

 This is a close up picture of the edge of the quilt.  It was all sewn by hand and took almost 2 years to complete.


Lynne Muia said...

Funny, the quilt recently crossed my mind and here it is. The end result is so beautiful. I think the edging is perfect. That took a lot of woman hours, which means so much more than man hours!

Sheila Khan said...

Thanks Lynne. It did take a lot of women hours and the majority of us hadn't done this kind of quilting before.

Sheila WB said...